Free 30-Minute Consultation Call

We offer a free 30-minute consultation call for anyone interested in individual therapy at Liberty Counselling. This service is provided via Skype (phone or video call) and it allows you to:

  • Get to know Michele Engelke, counsellor, AF-EMDR and cognitive behavioural therapist
  • Talk about your reason for seeking individual therapy
  • Find out if you and Michele can work together
  • Clarify whatever doubts you may have concerning CBT and AF-EMDR online and at Liberty

To request a booking for a free 30-minute consultation call, please get in touch through our form below. Calls can be scheduled for any time between 8:30-19hs, from Monday to Friday (last booking 18:30hs). All bookings are subject to availability. Your request will be handled within 48hs.