Face-to-face and online Attachment-Focused EMDR

Online Attachment-Focused EMDR
Liberty Counselling Luxembourg offers online Attachment-Focused EMDR

Liberty Counselling Luxembourg offers face-to-face and online Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR). The cost of a 60-minute AF-EMDR session at Liberty Counselling or online is € 100,00. We accept cash (not available for non-EU residents) and credit card payments.

Online Attachment-Focused EMDR

Liberty Counselling Luxembourg also offers online AF-EMDR for those who live in remote areas or without easy access to an AF-EMDR therapist. Please see below for some of the advantages of having online AF-EMDR:

  • Convenient: having AF-EMDR online is extremely easy and it saves you time. You are not required to drive through busy roads and face traffic to meet up with your therapist. All you have to do is seat comfortably somewhere private facing your PC screen and connect to your AF-EMDR therapist via Skype.
  • Flexible: AF-EMDR online therapy is the perfect option for busy people and parents. Since you do not need to leave your home and/or children to see your therapist, you can book your online AF-EMDR therapy sessions more freely, at a time that suits you best and does not interfere with your daily commitments.
  • Nonthreatening: AF-EMDR online makes the therapeutic experience less intimidating or unsettling for the client. For those who feel a certain level of unease about sharing their emotional pain so closely with someone they have never met before, online AF-EMDR may be a more fitting option.
  • Effective:  online therapy is now widely recognised as a reliable and efficient means for providing high quality therapy. The popularity of e-therapy has grown immensely in the past 10 years, to the extent that it has become an established branch of therapy not only with the young and net-savvy, but also with people of various age groups and social backgrounds.

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