Individual Therapy

individual therapy
Therapy can help you resolve whatever is bothering you

Individual therapy is a type of talking therapy between a single client and a qualified professional such as a counsellor or therapist. It is a safe environment for anyone wishing to talk about emotional and mental health issues. One-to-one sessions with a therapist also foster self-awareness and personal growth, resulting in a significant improvement in quality of life.

Liberty Counselling offers individual therapy in-person, online or over the phone.

The cost of a 60-minute individual session at Liberty Counselling or online is € 120,00. We accept cash and credit card payments.

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What individual therapy is and is not

Therapy can help you resolve whatever is bothering you. It enhances your personal creativity and ability to deal with problems through collaborative dialogue.

It is not a place to get advice, but an opportunity to join forces with a qualified professional.

Your therapist will not simply tell you that ‘everything is gonna be alright’ or that ‘you will get over it’. She will listen to what you have to say, with attention and respect. She will not tell you to ‘cheer up and just stop worrying’, but will invite you to explore your thoughts and feelings in greater depth.

Benefits of individual therapy

  • It provides you with a safe environment in which to deal with unwanted feelings such as sadness, frustration and anger in a productive manner
  • It can help you see yourself from a fresher and more compassionate perspective, increasing self-love and psychological well-being
  • You learn valuable problem-solving skills, of which you can make use whenever you need. With time and dedication, you become your own therapist
  • Because you feel more in control and empowered by the experience of therapy, your self-confidence receives a lasting boost
  • By gaining greater insight on how your thoughts and feelings affect your moods, you become more sensitive to other people’s emotional states. You grow more understanding of others, resulting in an improvement in the quality of relationships
  • It is effective in promoting relief for anxiety related issues, as well as ending depression and raising self-esteem
  • Due to its investigative nature, individual therapy furthers self-knowledge. As you get to know yourself better, you live a more fulfilling and authentic life

Myths about individual therapy, debunked

Myth: Therapy is only for people with serious mental illnesses

Fact: Therapy or counselling is for anyone old enough and mentally capable to engage in collaborative dialogue. It is an uncomplicated and safe means to deal with a great variety of issues, be it excessive worrying, depression or those surrounding low self-esteem, as perfectionism and self-criticism.

Myth: Taking medication is more effective than therapy

Fact: Psychiatric drugs do not target the root cause of a problem, only its symptoms. Individual therapy such as CBT focus on what is causing you to feel distressed. It has a consistent and lasting effect, which reduces the probability of relapses.

Myth: Talking to a friend is as good as therapy

Fact: While that might be true for some, a great number of people need more than a few nice words and a pat on the back when feeling emotionally stuck. Counsellors are qualified professionals who are trained to listen to you. As everything you say in therapy is confidential, you feel free to let out whatever is bothering you without a fear of being misunderstood, judged or criticised.

Myth: Therapy is for weak people

Fact: Almost everyone goes through testing times in their lives. Those who have the honesty to address their bad moments find they solve problems quicker and suffer less. The courage to face your demons shows greater strength of character than denying or pretending they do not exist.

Myth: Therapy does not work

Fact: The efficiency of EMDR (and CBT) has been widely documented by scientific research across the world. CBT is referred to as empirically-based also because of its focus on factual and not perceived reality. Due to its flexible application, CBT is a popular choice for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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