See below for some of the most popular FAQs related to counselling at Liberty.

How can I make the most of therapy?

The more you put into it, the quicker you feel the benefits of therapy. To take full advantage of your therapy experience, you can adopt a positive attitude towards the whole process. Coming regularly to sessions as well as completing therapy assignments can significantly contribute to its success.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

To find out the difference between counselling and psychotherapy, please click here

How much does a 60-minute therapy session cost? 

The cost of a 60-minute individual session at Liberty Counselling or online is € 100,00. We accept cash and credit card payments.

What can I expect in the first session?

Your therapist will ask you some questions to get to know you and the nature of your problem. You will have total freedom to talk about whatever is bothering you. She will also introduce you to some cognitive behavioural therapy basics and, with your help, form a plan for therapy.  For more details about what to expect in your first AF-EMDR session, please click here

How long does CBT take?

CBT is considered short-term, typically lasting between 5 to 25 sessions depending on therapist, case complexity and client commitment and motivation.

How long does Attachment-Focused EMDR take?

Please contact us for details.

When will I start feeling better?

Clients who commit well to therapy usually experience improvement after a few sessions.

How often do I have to see a therapist?

Therapy is planned around your availability. Ideally and at the first stage of therapy, sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis, changing to biweekly depending on progress.

What about taking medication instead?

Psychiatric drugs do not offer miracle cures to mental health problems. As most drugs, they work on symptoms and not on the root cause of a problem. Even in cases which they ease emotional discomfort, symptoms tend to re-occur when medication is discontinued. CBT has been scientifically proven to be effective not only for the treatment of a great range of mental health issues, but also for reducing or completely extinguishing the probability of relapses.

Can my therapist prescribe medication?

No. Only medical doctors, as primary care physicians (no training in counselling or psychotherapy) or psychiatrists (may or may not offer therapy), are allowed to prescribe medication.

Does my insurance cover the costs of therapy?

As reimbursement schemes vary, please contact your provider before making an appointment.